March 30, 2017

Apollo Landing


This has been one of Hommard’s credos for a long time.
This lookbook serves as homage to the mindset of the people
that managed to capture that world in a frame for the first time
in history: the Apollo astronauts. The 11 missions, carried out
from 1968 to 1972, were not just about landing a man on the moon.
The accomplishments echo through time as the ultimate stretch
of ambition, resilience and exploration.

In designing our fall / winter collection these heroes and their mindset
inspired us to push the sky away ourselves and explore our own
ambitions. This is the result of that exploration. A collection that is
complete and well balanced. Aside from the Cashmere Sweaters, Cardigans and Jackets,  you’ve come to expect from us over the years, Hommard now has a brand new woven
line as well. Besides this the collection is characterized by new stitches
and daring designs.

So this time, we went into space for our inspiration. Therefore we
challenge you to go from being a man of the world, to being a man of
the cosmos! Don’t worry, we’ll land on our feet again. Enjoy the ride.