Hommard supports the Ocean Clean up

Make the world a better place, start with yourself.

As you may know, Hommard is the french word for Lobster, we only squeezed in an extra "M", also to make it related to the french word "Homme" which means man. 

We created the brand Hommard with the love for this beautiful animal and the habitat it lives in, we love the Sea, Oceans and everything what's inside and around it. 

Therefor we have decided we want to contribute the good cause the Ocean Clean up, because we believe the Ocean is too pretty to pollute. We will donate up to 5% from every sale to the Ocean Cleanup cause (www.theoceancleanup.com) in order for them to keep their good work going. We will keep you updated in our social media posts and on our blog about the progress and proceeds we have donated to the Ocean Clean Up. We hope you join us in keeping our Oceans clean.

Ocean Clean Up System