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Why Hommard ?

The idea for Hommard was conceived on a rocky beach at the coast of Bretagne, France, walking on the round stones of the beach, in a chilly fog, the idea came to me to start a menswear brand using cashmere, to me the most luxurious and beautiful material in the world. Walking from the beach back to the hotel, I passed a small fish shop with a beautiful lobster sign, in French Homard, quickly I realized if added an M, it would also almost spell Homme, which means Man, and hence Hommard was born.

Hommard was then launched in 2009 with a passion for cashmere and craftsmanship. It has now evolved into a truly unique and desirable menswear brand  offering a multitude of luxurious materials at different price points. Hommard is establishing itself as a must-have brand globally, catering for abroad spectrum of ages.

Hommard embraces the classic and timeless cashmere, but transforms it for the modern contemporary man. No jumper around the shoulders. We call it a sweater and wear it. The Hommard man is a world savvy man. Always on the pursuit for opportunity but knows when to hit the brakes and enjoy life. With a comfortable, great looking garment to support his quest.

Our vision is to grow Hommard to be a globally established name for menswear and cashmere related luxury products, as well as being a responsible company which strives to work as environmentally friendly as possible. Each item from the Hommard collection should give the user the confidence and trust, it has been made with honest materials and has a great value, and brings joy whilst using it.