Cashmere Recycle Program

Being a responsible man of the world, Hommard has started recycling Cashmere sweaters to turn them later into new yarns, which in turn will be used for new products. Hommard aims to be environmentally friendly, ethical and part of a circular world. How does it work ? Simple, just send your Pure Cashmere sweater (any brand) back to us, and we will send you a coupon for €15 per sweater, to be used in our web store. 

Send your 100% Cashmere sweater to our following address, with a note of your full address details and email address, so we can contact you for your coupon.

Per online order you can use a maximum of 5 coupons. 

Hommard International BV , Laan van Beek en Royen 6, 3701AH Zeist, The Netherlands.

When we have collected a substantial number of sweaters, we will bring them to our mill in Italy, which will turn it into new yarns again, and we will re-use these yarns again to make beautiful new styles for you. 

Cashmere recyling