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About us

As you may know, Hommard is the french word for Lobster, we only squeezed in an extra "M", also to make it related to the french word "Homme" which means man. 

We created the brand Hommard with the love for this beautiful animal and the habitat it lives in, we love the Sea, Oceans and everything what's inside and around it. 

Therefor we have decided we want to contribute the good cause the Ocean Clean up, because we believe the Ocean is too pretty to pollute. We will donate up to 5% from every sale to the Ocean Cleanup cause ( in order for them to keep their good work going. We will keep you updated in our social media posts and on our blog about the progress and proceeds we have donated to the Ocean Clean Up. We hope you join us in keeping our Oceans clean.

The Hommard collection is created with the most beautiful material in mind as an inspiration,: Cashmere. The moment we touched this super soft fiber, it became an obsession to start working with this, and trying to create unique and reinvented classics out of this material. When we started in 2009, the whole collection was made out of pure cashmere, sourced from authentic factories in Mongolia and Italy. Now we evolved and started working with even so soft blends, most still with a part cashmere inside.

Cashmere Sweaters

Putting on your first cashmere sweater, touching the softness of the finest fibres in the world. There’s a certain irreversibility in that moment. A dedication to quality.

Hommard embraces the classic and timeless cashmere, but transforms it for the modern contemporary man. No jumper around the shoulders. We call it a sweater and wear it. The Hommard man is a world savvy man. Always on the pursuit for opportunity but knows when to hit the brakes and enjoy life. With a comfortable, great looking garment to support his quest.

We won’t bore you with cashmere production fairy tales. Yes, our cashmere comes from Mongolian goats. Yes, it’ s the finest fibre out there. Yes, we’re handling the environment responsibly, every step of the way.

We just call it honest luxury. All packed into that one millisecond.

Honest Luxury

Soft. Unprecedentedly, unequivocally and unmistakably soft. The finest cashmere wool comes from Mongolian goats. What else is new?

Collecting the finest and softest fibers out there is just the first step. At Hommard, we transform this high quality cashmere by developing unique stitches and creating surprising new styles. Cashmere for the modern man. Granting him the rare experience of warmth in the cold winter and coolness on those stifling summer days. The cold frost of his London morning meeting and the humidity of his Lisbon afternoon. All covered in that one timeless cashmere sweater.